ISO Opportunity:


ISO opportunity is for individuals currently in the MCA industry. MCA consultants who are speaking to merchants throughout the day come across a multitude of merchants who are “stacked”, “Non-Fundable”, or considered “Turn Downs” by the lenders because they do not qualify for a loan.

In most cases, they have too many loans and not enough revenue to justify anymore lending. These merchants in most cases are spending most if not all of their revenue to make payments on the re-payment of existing advances and can barely stay afloat.

These are perfect candidates for a restructuring. When an MCA consultant is not able to help the merchant obtain additional capital the result is usually “tossing the lead in the trash” Now the consultant can monetize the lead and turn it into cash by sending the lead to 1st Colonial.

We have a proprietary ISO partner portal where you will have full transparency on all your submissions with real time tracking capabilities. We have revolutionized this process with our state of the art CRM and ISO partner portal.

We are further ahead than any of our competitors in offering a real solution to MCA agents to monetize their non-fundable database. Call us today to learn more about our unique ISO opportunity today.

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