Net Branch Opportunity:


1st Colonial is offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who have the vision of seeing what is happening in the MCA alternative lending industry and capitalizing on the opportunity. This is a once in a generation opportunity to jump into a vertical that is capitalizing from the MCA industry which is currently in despair and MCA lenders are scrambling to survive the tsunami that is upon it.

It was only a few years ago that hedge funds jumped on the opportunity to get into this lucrative alternative lending space and some of the biggest players raised billions of dollars on wall street to go public and hundreds of other private companies raised billions from investors and even obtained billions more in warehouse lines from major wire houses on wall street to fund these high interest alternative lending loans to merchants.

However, as hundreds of lenders infiltrated this vertical money became abundant to merchants and lending standards became lax.

Today, you have default rates soaring and some of the biggest lenders closing up shop and many others have seen their warehouse lines cut and in many cases cancelled. This gave birth to the MCA restructuring industry. In fact, there are billions of distressed merchants in need of restructuring help. Find out how you can take advantage of this industry and be part of a huge growth opportunity.

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